Special Indian Bread

We offer the most authentic dishes which have evolved over centuries and has been influenced by many cultures. Each dish is prepared with variety of spices and ingredients to create a distinct and individual flavors. Our very skilled chefs make each dish individually the way you prefer them, from mild to extra-hot.

"Come and Enjoy your delightful experience at Taste of India Restaurant."

Whole Wheat Bread Baked in our Tandoor.
Alu Paratha $5.50
Whole Wheat Bread Stuffed with Potatoes.
Naan $3.50
White Flour Bread Baked in our Tandoor.
Onion Kulcha $4.99
Naan Stuffed with Seasoned Onions.
Garlic Naan $4.50
Tandoor Baked Garlic Bread.
Keema Naan $5.75
Naan Stuffed with Seasoned Ground Beef.
Poori $5.99
Whole Wheat Bread Deep Fried.
Naan Stuff with Cheese, Cashews and Raisins.
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