We offer the most authentic dishes which have evolved over centuries and has been influenced by many cultures. Each dish is prepared with variety of spices and ingredients to create a distinct and individual flavors. Our very skilled chefs make each dish individually the way you prefer them, from mild to extra-hot.

"Come and Enjoy your delightful experience at Taste of India Restaurant."

Soft Drinks $2.99
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade and Orange Soda.
Indian Tea $4.50
Spiced Indian Tea with Milk.
Regular Tea.
Coffee $4.50
Regular or Decaffeinated Coffee.
Ice Tea $4.50
Lassi $4.99
Refreshing Yogurt Drink (Sweet or Salty)
Milk $3.50
Mango Lassi $4.99
Refreshing Mango and Yogurt Drink.
Choice of Refreshing Juices.(Mango,Guava or Peach)
Milk Shake with Mango.
Refreshing Strawberry and Yogurt Drink.
Milk Shake with Strawberry.
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